The end of the fallen smartphone, lost or stolen

ChainMyPhone ® launches a fitted case with a clever safety strap for our cell phones. Using your mobile phones in total serenity becomes possible in all situations.

with the phone case ChainMyPhone ®, the time of forgetting your cell phone in a taxi or in a bar is over. No Longer the time to search for it at the bottom of a bag or in a pocket, gone are the days of smartphone's falls.

The new mobile cases & covers developed by ChainMyPhone ® can keep all these inconveniences among the bad memories.

Thanks to this revolutionary design, 3 different settings of the lanyard system are possible for you to use your mobile phone in almost any environment : webbing at the waist, around the neck like a badge holder, or on your shoulder. You can then call, take pictures, surf the internet, and even pay with your cell phone in complete safety.

Mobile phone accessories ChainMyPhone ® is for all age groups and is adapted for everyone's uses. For example :

  • When the young ones have attached they’re best smartphone, it will never be stolen on theBus, at college, high school, or during parties.
  • For active and nomadic people, so they never lose any smartphones again.
  • Drivers can also hang the cell phone case on their rearview mirror for use in navigation mode.
  • For those who love sports : to limit the risk of phone damage when falling or when hiking, cycling, biking, skiing and even Horseriding
  • For seniors, so they will not drop or misplace smartphone anymore, phone chain as never
  • Users of mobile payment will find it convenient to swipe and pay with ease.

When the strap is attached to the user, it generates a pulling force on the case, which compresses each corner, preventing the smartphone from falling out or being stolen.

The phone cases has also been cleverly designed with quality materials.

  • The case is constructed of a medical PVC material recognized for its high capacity to absorb shocks.
  • The strap is made of polypropylene, a material with a resistance of up to 200 kg.
  • The clasp is also welded to the strap for added durability and security.

The cover iPhone 6 / 6s version is already available on the website with free worldwide shipping. Other cell phone holder models and strap colors will be available soon.

The cell phone cases and clasp are patented. ChainMyPhone® is a registered trademark.